Cisco Establishes A Customer Experience Practice

As organizations across the globe engage in digital transformation, they are increasingly seeking partners that can provide them with guidance, support, innovation, and insights to achieve their business priorities and goals. Cisco realized that given the shift in customer expectations, it needed to bring in competencies that would enable them to build lasting relationships with its customers and, at the same time, drive value. Partners remain Cisco’s primary route to market, and they need to ensure that its partners have the right capabilities to support customers in meeting their transformation ambitions.

Cisco established its “Customer Experience” practice that enables both Cisco and its ecosystem of partners to differentiate themselves by adopting a “lifecycle” approach to supporting customers. The approach adheres to a customer experience loop whereby partners, with support from Cisco, can address the needs of the customer from the creation of the customer to sustain the relationship and drive loyalty. Cisco has created new CX roles ranging from a customer success executive who supports partners in understanding customer goals to customer success specialists that provide in-depth insight into the technology and drive adoption. It encourages its partners to develop the same roles to ensure they are aligned with both the partner community and the needs of the customers. 

This “customer-centric” lifecycle approach, enables Cisco and its CX Certified partners, such as CompuCom, to build deeply integrated relationships by demonstrating value realization to customer success. Partners that have likewise adopted a lifecycle approach are able to apply the process across all areas of Cisco’s portfolio.

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